This sophomore slump, it's a real thing
You better think before you take that second swing

I can't find the words, I can't find a sound.
And I used all my good ideas the first time around

Like Love Never Dies or Caddyshack 2
I just lost track of what I first tried to do

This sophomore slump is killing me
How am I ever gonna make it to number three?

From crowds on high to the proletariat, there are
Stringent expectations to be met

Delivers with a kick straight to the rump
Just another day in the life of the sophomore slump

Well, the masses concur, that they really prefer
where your head was at back then
The Midas Touch is a little too much
for your tender-footed hand
for your tender-footed hand

And your self-deprecation's met with hesitation
We hate to make a stink
And though we like a good meta joke as much as the next bloke,
you're forcing it, don't you think?

This sophomore slump is such a drag
might as well head home and pack my bags

This sophomore slumpis such a bore
since I'm only sticking to what worked for me before
the exact same things I did in the days of yore
And you know I just cant take it anymore

This sophomore slump
We’ll beat this sophomore slump